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Living in and around Kinsale at the start of the now well advertised Wild Atlantic Way, we knew our ethos and our business choices were important. A new venture always means talks and meetings with various professionals. Shopping locally has always been a sustainable option and an important one in the more rural areas of Ireland. For us it became a purposeful way to start our new project. After searching for all the companies for the services and products we required, we ended up choosing local ones.


Our passion for food also requires thoughtful choices when it comes to sourcing ingredients. For us, sustainability, responsibility, respect for the environment and biodiversity are key. Local and seasonal foods will feature predominantly on our menu along with wild and foraged ones when available.  Edible flowers are such a beautiful addition from the wild and we will also be growing our own. Local growers have said they will grow heritage seed varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruits for us. We have also sourced indigenous breeds of cattle to enable us to bring you incredible flavours and cuts of meat. Fish and seafood is of course right on the doorstep, giving us an abundance of choice depending on seasonal availability.



Why “WILD"?

The word “WILD" has many meanings; unusual, excellent, crazy, violent, special, uncontrolled, extreme, unruly, undomesticated, independent, natural beauty.

We are wildness.

We are at one with nature.

Our wildest dreams.

We live in a part of the world of extraordinary beauty with a WILD and rugged landscape on the edge of the Atlantic...the Wild Atlantic Way. With the diversity between forests, rivers, lakes, coastal regions, woods and hills, we are blessed with endless wildness.

We hope to reflect this in some part in our food and in our restaurant.

We look forward to welcoming you to our corner of the world...WILD RESTAURANT  

Rob and Simona

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