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Contact and Location

To make a reservation, please either fill out the box or call/text/WhatsApp Simona on 083 1829 303. Coverage seems to be a bit of an issue in our part of the county, so do please keep trying or leave a message.

Please let us have your email to confirm your booking with time and numbers.

If any of the diners have food issues or allergies etc, you can check the menu for the allergens.

If you are interested in Private Dining; perhaps you would like to book out the restaurant for a private pre-wedding dinner, engagement meal or something special during one of the weekday nights; drop us an email with the details and Rob will get back to you.

Please, if you are delayed for any reason for your reservation, call us!

Look forward to your visit.

Reviews are always useful for other diners and also so we can monitor where we need to make improvements to our services. Please use our Facebook page and Google Business Page.  Thanks in advance.



Please contact us immediately if you need to cancel your reservation to allow us time to take other bookings. At least the day before. Thank you.

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