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Art Installations and expos

Coming from a very creative and artistic family, we like to support local artists and craftworkers.

This part of Ireland has so many artists inspired by the ever-changing land and seascapes using a variety of mediums. 

The elements of water, fire, metal and wood are very apparent in our themes throughout the restaurant with water predominantly featured on the ground floor with metal, wood and fire upstairs. 

Our main installation features Cormudgeon who is a metal sculptor and artist.

Most pieces exhibited in the restaurant are for sale.

The main painting above the fireplace is by Rebecca who is Rob´s mum. This pastel on paper features the family on the beach in Garrettstown on a windy February day. There are a few of her framed prints in the restaurant to purchase; just ask one of the staff if you would like to purchase.

You can find more of her work with this link.

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